Indie App Development as a Job

About a year ago I graduated from the University of Birmingham. Instead of getting a job I chose to make OS X apps instead. I’m very happy with my decision so far.

I struggled for the first few months until I had a change of perspective: I started viewing my apps less as a startup and more as a job.

My guidelines

  • Think of each app you make as a lifelong career and not as a one-time thing.
  • Don’t make apps to get rich. Most likely you’ll never hit the jackpot.
  • Make an app that adds value to your own life. If it fails, you still get to use it.
  • Make an app that you’ll love working on.
  • Build a steady income. Don’t rush it.

It’s a bit weird not to try to hit it big, but you’ll end up being free to make something you love, which in turn might end up being a recipe for success.