Dash 4: Now Available!

TL;DR: Download Dash 4 for macOS and try it out!

Dash 4 is the latest and greatest Dash release. It incorporates the most popular feature requests in a new streamlined interface. Enjoy!

Dash 4 is a paid upgrade ($14.99) for existing Dash users. To upgrade, download Dash 4 and add your Dash 2 or Dash 3 license in Preferences > Purchase and you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

Anyone that purchased Dash after the 1st of December 2016 gets to upgrade for free.

What’s New

  • New Interface – Clean, modern, with a focus on what matters most: the docs
  • New Dark Mode – Night owls, rejoice! The entire Dash interface can now be turned dark
  • Web Searches – You can now add/edit fallback web searches (e.g. Google or Stack Overflow) in Preferences
  • Docset Playgrounds – Most docsets now show “Play” buttons which let you quickly test snippets of code
  • Search Using Selected Text – This feature has been completely remade and is now more reliable, even in apps that don’t support system services. Set a hotkey for it in Preferences > General
  • Tab Improvements – You can now reopen the last closed tab, duplicate tabs and close all tabs except for the selected one

Lots of other improvements:

  • You can now easily manage docsets directly from the docset browser, using drag and drop, right click and/or the add button
  • You can now manage bookmarks from the top menu bar
  • Searching in Preferences > Downloads is now synchronised across all docset sources
  • You can now copy the external URL of documentation pages for easier sharing
  • The Add button in Preferences > Docsets now offers the option to download docsets
  • Installing a docset will now also add it to your currently active search profile (Note: can be disabled in Preferences > Docsets > Settings)
  • You can now manage the default profile settings from the search profiles popover
  • Dash’s web browser is now a bit smarter

Download Dash 4

Dash 4 is a paid upgrade ($14.99), but it’s free to download and try out. If you encounter any issues or need any help, contact me.