Dash for iOS, Android, Windows or Linux

TL;DR: Dash-like apps for other platforms have been released. Check out Dash for iOS, Velocity for Windows, Zeal for Linux and LovelyDocs for Android.

I get asked a lot to bring Dash to other platforms. That won’t happen, because:

  • I’ve got a lot to add to Dash on macOS and I can’t focus on any other platform
  • I’m a complete novice when it comes to developing for any other platform, so I wouldn’t do a great job

Looking for devs to bring Dash to other platforms

I am actively looking for developers of other platforms (iOS, Android, Windows or Linux) that would like to work on a Dash-like app, as their own project and for their own profit.

Later edit: I have found iOS, Windows, Linux and Android devs and Dash-like apps for these platforms should be released sometime in 2014.

What you’ll make:

  • An API documentation browser app for your favourite platform
  • You can give it your own personal twist or base it on Dash as much as you want
  • Release it as commercial, free or keep it for personal use, I don’t care

What you get:

  • My help, as much as I can
  • Free access to all of Dash’s docsets to be used by your app
    • This includes docset updates and I’m also covering the hosting costs

What you won’t get:

  • Access to Dash’s source code

What I want in return:

  • A link to Dash, on your app’s presentation website and inside the app

Some notes:

  • Don’t start working on this without contacting me first
  • I’ll give exclusivity to Dash’s docsets to whoever looks most promising
  • This is not a weekend project
  • Making an awesome documentation browser takes time

In case you’re considering making this a commercial project:

  • You really should. Dash is my only source of income
  • I really think this is a huge opportunity for indie devs
  • I have no idea how much money you’ll make