Dash for iOS: Back on the App Store

TL;DR: Dash for iOS is back on the App Store and it’s completely free.

Ever since I’ve open-sourced Dash for iOS there have been a lot of requests for Dash to get back on the App Store, as the process to install it from source isn’t exactly user-friendly.

Quite a few “developers” have even added it to the App Store themselves, violating the GNU GPL license in the process. Apple has been very responsive in removing these apps, but the developers kept adding it back in different shapes and forms and I got tired to fill the same copyright claim forms over and over.

I’ve made a personal developer account which Apple accepted and the review for Dash for iOS went through without any issues. I hope this will somewhat stave off the pirated copies of Dash from appearing on the App Store. We’ll see.

The macOS version of Dash will continue to be sold exclusively on kapeli.com.