Dash’s Year in Review: 2017

I’m happy to report Dash has had its best year to date. Revenue in 2017 was 30% higher than Dash’s previous best year, 2015.

Revenue Sources

Users from 128 countries have purchased Dash. The top regions and countries are shown below:

Bandwidth Usage

Dash used 520 TB of bandwidth in 2017, distributed over 7 servers:

Server Costs

Server costs were $4,835 in 2017.


Dash currently has 202 docsets maintained by me, 316 docsets maintained by users and 112 cheat sheets. All these docsets take up 112 GB of disk space.

The top docsets are shown below:


It’s been an amazing year which will be hard to beat in the future. I’m very happy and grateful with how Dash is doing and for the community that’s growing around it. A lot of things are in store, stay tuned.

Happy New Year!